Equipment for the installation of industrial dust extraction and chip collection hose systems.

On this site you’ll find the essential components you’ll need to install an extraction ducting system for wood chips, sawdust and wood dust.

We have a stock area covering 2.000 m² and can therefore ship your orders quickly by pallet or express delivery service anywhere in France and Belgium. We can react quickly, depending on the type of product and the quantities you require.

As a result of our many years’ experience of industrial dust extraction systems, we’re in daily contact with industrial sawdust extraction equipment manufacturers, installers of extraction systems for joinery shops and users faced with the problem of wood dust, in most European countries.

  • Industrial dust extraction

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    Industrial dust extraction

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    1.200m2 warehouse

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Industrial dust extraction standards for joinery shops.

The professionals who use industrial dust extraction systems for joinery shops have been using our services for many years. We listen carefully to their needs and advice in order to maintain a continuing improvement process for our industrial dust extraction system components.

The appropriate cleaning of production facilities has become a major issue in society as it has such an impact on the health and safety of the human resources within our companies.

Standards relating to industrial wood waste extraction exist in Europe and there are increasingly strong recommendations that they should be applied. It’s good to be aware of this.

Our advice for your industrial extraction ducting.

When we’re in contact with our customers, we make every effort to advise them about what to choose from our extensive range of industrial collector pipes.

So if you’re looking for non-standard “manufactured” parts, i.e. bypasses, symmetrical Y-branches or collectors, we’ll send you a quote setting out the delivery time and the value of the parts.